Les Taxis Azur-Solidarité

Service-Azur Solidarity was created specifically for people with reduced mobility.
  • A line dedicated exclusively for PMR.
  • service 24h/24.
  • professionals to meet all special requests of disabled
  • The guide dogs are accepted in all our vehicles.

Vehicles specially equipped for all Particular applications for person with disabilities.
Our vehicles are éqipés ramp to facilitate discharge and supported clients on side walks with low floor for PMR transferable or requiring no ramp.


All our vehicles have been built exclusively by manufacturers. Therefore, they have systems anchors wheelchairs and safety harnesses for passengers.

In addition, training of drivers, escorts allowed them to develop attitudes and reflexes making driving more safe for passengers.

the comfort

The vehicles have direct access wheelchair inside the vehicle (ramp), suspensions softened, air conditioning and tinted windows and proper conduct.


 The customer has the possibility to make reservations continuously and have response times now very short.

This efficiency is possible for us by a team of professionals standartistes and organization for the continuous availability of a driver-guide.

We also have no geographical limits of intervention.


All our driver-guides are at least holders of the Certificate of First Aid Training (PSC1) and receive specific training within the company including the acquisition of general knowledge on disability, safety, reception, handling and communication.

our activities

Today various public and private organizations trust us and allow us to diversify our business.

Transport unions have held us after bidding to run public services on demand. 

                                                   Taxi Azur-Solidarité                                                   

 Internationnal +33 1 47 46 91 52